AVR + ARM (STM32) 51 HC6800 Development Board


AVR + ARM (STM32) 51 HC6800 Development Board

AVR + ARM +51 HC6800 Microcontroller Development Board
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AVR + ARM (STM32) 51 HC6800  Development Board.

Original Number : 115 TRAINER AVR 51 ARM STM32.


[Accessories List]

1,HC6800-EMV2.2A main board 1block

2,ABSPlastic case 1individual

3,64KSinglechipSTC90C516RD+ 1block

4,Infrared remote controller 1individual

5,Stepper motor 1individual

6,DC motor 1individual

7,Standby oscillator 1individual

8,Spare jumper cap Some

9,Eight cable 4strip

10,singlePDupont Line 8strip

11,Matching CD 1individual

12,USBData power supply line 1strip

13,Infrared receiving chip 1individual

14,LCD1602LCD screen 1individual

15,Mini12864LCD screen 1individual

16,8*8Bi color dot matrix (board) 1individual

17,Brand new2.4Inch color touch screen 1individual

18,Photosensitive sensor (board) 1individual

19,Thermal sensor (onboard) 1individual


1 initiative independent module partition design.Hc6800 with easy design concept, each function module is completely independent, do not interfere with each other, between modules with a ribbon cable fast connection. On the one hand, can exercise ability, and strengthen the understanding of beginners on the board hardware, familiar with the circuit, quick start; on the other hand, because of the functional modules are independent of the design. In the future, everyone learning to more advanced AVR, PIC and even arm, only their own construction of a corresponding to the minimum system board, and then connect to the hc6800, making full use of the resources on the board of the module, and immediately, save a lot of duplication of investment.

2 board contains up to 13 chips. Do not repeat the typical and representative chip, all can apply.

3 pin lead rich interface. Lead to all IC chip interface, easy to do a variety of experiments and the combination of chip experiment.

4 color dot matrix. The red and green two color dot matrix, full opening of the interface can be directly by 1 driven by PWM technique for double color into a color, it is not available in all development board. This board can be multiple types of chip driver, unlike some board hardware driver fixed, can not reach the effect of flexible use.

5 Board 16 LED lamp. 16 LED easy to learn is very convenient for beginners to learn

6 dual serial port function. Board 2 serial port, convenient to do the double serial experiment.

A total of 7.8 Yin Yang 1 dynamic digital tube digital tube static state. Yang, Yin, dynamic and static coverage of the market using all digital tube

8 double temperature 18B20 interface. Multi point temperature measurement with dual 18B20 interface.

9 board multi way power supply expansion interface. The board has 4 power supply expansion interface, convenient for students to connect all kinds of module equipment and DIY board, etc.

10.AD/DA conversion.High integration PCF8591 4 AD 1 road DA interface leads to easy access to all kinds of sensors, thermal resistance, photosensitive resistance, etc..

11 board light sensitive, thermal resistance.With ADDA can do the temperature acquisition and light collection automatic control experiment

12 serial to parallel and parallel to the. Board to carry out a series of and turn and turn the chip, used for single-chip IO expansion, in addition to high-end development board outside all the features.

13 left RXD, TTL TXD level interface and RTS, DTR serial port hardware flow control interface.This is an indispensable part of the serial port development project.

14 a USB line power supply and Communication Download. Now many development board plate are used with wire connection, so jumbled the whole experiment environment, not simple. This entire experiment only need to connect a line.

15 handle imported high-quality shrapnel button.Large handle import shrapnel button feel comfortable, convenient fingers direct manipulation, firm fixation, long service life.

16.TFT color SD card module. 51 single-chip driver TFT true color screen and SD card, learning fun and challenge to your programming ability.

17 exclusive R & D automatic download module. There are very few automatic download function development board, it is required to manually turn off the power to burn and write the program, not only will seriously affect the power switch service life, but also make the study and debugging process is extremely inconvenient. Moreover STC official software compatibility is poor, often cause can not be successfully downloaded, the PZISP technology company's performance stability and compatibility, do not need to manually switch power, so you learn more easily.

18 single chip FLASH 64K STC90C516RD+ is 8 times as much as STC89C52.

19.ABS engineering environmental protection material fall multifunctional folding box

2010 before the second half of the industry in the first launch of the "aluminum alloy box", in the second half of 2010 after the general in the industry and the first to launch ABS engineering material environmental protection and multi-function folding box". Students should be the requirements of the general. Summary description "aluminum box" and "ABS engineering material environmental protection and fall multi-function folding box" difference: A, from the environmental protection said: aluminum alloy box lead heavy, long time contact is not conducive to good health. ABS environmental engineering materials. B, anti fall compressive strength: the aluminum alloy box upper cover and the lower cover is composed of thin skinned and plywood, a pressure on concave; ABS by mold evenly extruded, stress strength. According to previous experience, the aluminum alloy is very resistant and durable. C, from easy to do experiments: ABS as is the mold making, to products tailored; aluminum alloy material restriction, only by manual assembly. Rough workmanship is a common problem of aluminum alloy.

20 circuit board size. Size of 17.8cm*12.8cm, Taobao's first big PCB, we recommend that you do not buy a small PCB development board, because the components of the crowded bus, you can imagine the. We can lock the 40 pin socket on the microcontroller chip (fixed size) as a reference to measure.

1602 LCD screen display experiment. Can do figures, characters and other display (interface leads to provide routine).

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