HM-10 Bluetooth Module 4.0 BLE


HM-10 Bluetooth Module 4.0 BLE

HM-10 Bluetooth Module with TI CC2541, UART, Bluetooth 4.0 / BLE
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The HM-10 is a small 3.3v SMD Bluetooth 4.0 BLE module based on the TI CC2540 or CC2541 Bluetooth SOC (System On Chip). The HM-10 is made by Jinan Huamao and is one of many Bluetooth devices they produce including the HM-11 which is operationally the same as the HM-10 but has a smaller footprint with fewer pins broken out.


  • +2.5v to +3.3v.
  • Requires up to 50mA.
  • Uses around 9mA when in an active state.
  • Use 50-200uA when asleep.
  • RF power: -23dbm, -6dbm, 0dbm, 6dbm.
  • Bluetooth version 4.0 BLE.
  • Default baud rate for the serial connection is 9600.
  • Default PIN is 000000.
  • Default name is HMSoft.
  • Based on the CC2540 or the CC2541 chip.

The latest HM-10s all appear to the the CC2541 chip. This is the same as the CC2540 except it is lower power and has a shorter range. The CC254x is based on the 8051 and runs at 32MHz.

The HM-10 is has become a very popular Bluetooth 4 BLE module for use with the Arduino. In part due to the standard UART serial connection that makes it fairly straight forward to connect to an Arduino. The UART layer is a good thing and a bad thing, it allows ease of use but it hides the BLE layer so you have no control over the actual BLE side of things. The HM-10 is Bluetooth version 4.0 only. This means it cannot connect to Bluetooth 2/2.1 modules such as the HC-06 and HC-05.