ASLK Analog System Lab Kit PRO


ASLK Analog System Lab Kit PRO

Analog System Lab Kit PRO MikroE Development Board
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ASLK Analog System Lab Kit PRO .

Original Number : 115 MIKROE-Analog System Lab Kit PRO.


Analog System Lab Kit PRO

Board contains ten basic groups of analog components which will help you master analog engineering in fun and easy way.

Depictive board markings

We’ve carefully planed the silkscreen markings, and drew components just as you are used to in your classes.

Long lasting quality

Components used in this board are chosen to withstand thousands of hours of work, so many generations of students can learn on a single board.

Manuals that teach

We especially designed the manuals to be your guide, with fourteen practical examples and interesting projects for young engineers.


Everything that engineer needs

ASLK PRO comes with three general-purpose operational amplifiers (TL082) and three wide-bandwidth precision analog multipliers (MPY634) from Texas Instruments. We have also included two 12-bit parallel-input multiplying digital-to-analog converters DAC7821, a wide-input non-synchronous buck-type DC/DC controller TPS40200, and a low dropout regulator TPS7250 from Texas Instruments. A portion of ASLK PRO is left for general-purpose prototyping which can be used for carrying out mini-projects.