Gesture Recognition Sensor PAJ7620U2


Gesture Recognition Sensor PAJ7620U2

Gesture Recognition Movement Sensor
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The gesture recognition sensor is a PAJ7620U2 that integrates the gesture recognition function with the universal I2C interface into a single chip. It can identify 9 kinds of gestures, including moving upward, moving downward, moving to the left, moving to the right, moving forward and moving backward, clockwise, circumferential, counterclockwise, downward, downward, from left to right, from left to right.
The gesture information can be accessed through the I2C bus. The gesture recognition sensor module is designed as a core chip for PAJ7260u2, a body infrared recognition IC that supports communication with the I2C protocol.
gesture recognition sensor features:
9 gesture recognition
The gesture speed is 60 / s to 600 / s in normal mode, and the game mode is 60 / s to 1200 / S
Environmental light immunity: <100k Lux
Built-in proximity detection
The I2C interface is up to 400 kbit / S

• Typical supply voltage is 2.8V to 3.3V and I/O voltage is 1.8V~3.3V
• Nine gesture recognition (Up / Down / Left / Right / Push / Pull / CW / CCW / Wave)
• Gesture speed is 60°/s to 600°/s in Normal Mode and 60°/s to 1200°/s in Gaming Mode
• Ambient light immunity: < 100k Lux
• Built-in proximity detection
• Flexible power saving scheme
• I2C interface up to 400 kbit/s, Pull-up voltage from 1.8V to 3.3V
• Ambient light noise cancellation
Package included:
1 x Gesture Recognition Sensor

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