MMA9555L 3 Axis Acceleration Sensor


MMA9555L 3 Axis Acceleration Sensor

High Precision 3-axis Accelerometer Module
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  • The MMA9555L intelligent motion-sensing pedometer is an extension of the MMA955xL intelligent sensor platform. This device incorporates a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer, signal conditioning, data conversion, and a 32-bit microcontroller. This intelligent motion-sensing sensor provides sophisticated pedometer functionality, activity level and six directional orientation monitoring.
  • The integrated functionality of sensor initialization, calibration, data compensation, and computation functions off-loads CPU bandwidth from the system application processor. Therefore, total system power consumption is significantly reduced, because the application processor stays powered down until absolutely needed. In addition, the device can be configured for an autosleep/autowake capability.


  • High resolution 3-axis accelerometer with 16-bit ADC (0.061 mg/LSB @ 2 g). 
  • Selectable g range (±2/4/8 g) and output data rates (488 Hz–3.8 Hz).
  • One slave SPI or I2C interface operating at up to 2 Mbps for communication with the host processor.
  • 1.8 V supply voltage low power consumption.
  • 2 μA typical current at stop mode. 
  • 117 μA for pedometer running at active and 92 μA at suspend. 
  • 87 μA when six-direction detection mode.
  • Complete built-in firmware for smart sensing intelligence. 
  • Real time and preemptive application task scheduling. 
  • Command interpreter support command/response and streaming mode.
  • Low-power pedometer with rich output information:  Step counting , Speed, distance, calorie count estimation , Activity level (rest, walking, jogging, running).
  • Six-direction detection output.
  • Extensive set of power-management features and low-power mode. 
  • GPIO2–GPIO8 can be used for expanded configurable GPIO functions. 
  • Minimal external component requirements.


This low-power, intelligent sensor is optimized for use in portable and mobile consumer products such as:

  • Pedometers, wearable devices, smart watches, wristband.
  • Sleep monitoring.
  • Smart earphone. 
  • Health monitoring.